KISS Rebreathers New Syntactic Foam Insulation

Afraid of the cold?

Diving a rebreather in cold water where temps are below 45°F/7°C to that of freezing can impose a very significant affect to the overall functionality of the unit’s scrubber.

Looking back of rebreather basics, CCR Divers know that carbon dioxide (CO2) is removed through a chemical reaction as it passes through the scrubber absorbent. This chemical reaction is exothermic in nature, meaning heat is generated as part of the chemical process. For unit’s scrubber to work at best (let along work at all) the core temperature of the sorb must remain relatively warm. Allowed to cool too much, the exothermic reaction-taking place in the absorbent is diminished, eventually rendered the absorbent’s ability to extract CO2 in affective.

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KISS Rebreathers LLC is proud to announce that all KISS diving systems are now available with the Divesoft􀀂 CCR decompression computer and PPO2 display/bo􀀃ttom ti􀀁mer.    At KISS Rebeathers, we make a point of listening to our clients and do our best to incorporate the products that they wish to use.  We’ve been hearing good things about Divesoft􀀂 and decided that it itis 􀀁me for KISS to incorporate these items into our offered display systems.    The Divesoft􀀂 Freedom Closed Circuit computer, and the Divesfto􀀂 Freedom Closed Circuit Bo􀀃om Timer may be used on any KISS diving system, as either the primary or secondary display.    Freedom Closed Circuit Computer: $ 869.60 USD Freedom Closed Circuit PPO2/Bo􀀁om 􀀂mer: $ 761.70 USD The above retail prices include: cable, protec􀀂ve screen, and connector plug.