THE LATEST INNOVATION FROM THE KISS TEAM: A sidemount rebreather designed for optimal balance and trim.

KISS Sidewinder (Harness not included)

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KISS Sidewinder (Harness not included)

KISS Spirit Sidewinder includes:

  • 1 gas addition scrubber head: 1 scrubber head elbow, 1 KISS original automatic diluent valve (ADV), 1 hose quick connect tower, 1 indexing mark, 1 threaded ring, 4 springs. 
  • 1 sensor scrubber head: 1 main display port with Fischer cable hardwired, 1 secondary display port plugged, 1 hose quick connect tower, 1 indexing mark, 1 threaded ring, 4 springs, 1 sensor attachment plate, 1 bronze nut, 1 exhaust valve, wiring for 3 sensors. 
  • 2 scrubber canister’s which include for each canister: base with attachment screen, top screen, protective black coating.
  • 1 manual add valve (MAV) set which includes: 1 MAV & filter, 2 oxygen rated hoses. 
  • 1 KISS DSV.
  • 1 cylinder side off board gas accessory for the diluent cylinder.
  • 1 custom Spirit Sidewinder counterlung, with 1 set (2) black circ clips. 
  • 1 oxygen first stage with Delrin plug & OPV installed.
  • 2, retractable loop hoses, with 4 quick connect hose stubs.
  • 1 thumb drive with manuals. 
  • 1 mounting plate (if required), 1 off board accessory whip.

Does Not Include: 

  • Oxygen cylinder. 
  • Diluent/bailout cylinder and first/second stage. 
  • PPO2 display/computer. 
  • Pressure gauges.
  • 3 K‐22D sensors. 
  • Sidemount harness ‐ The Sidewinder will work with most, but not all, sidemount harness.  Dive Rite & Hollis sidemount harness’s have been tested and are known to work well.

Available Upgrades:

  • Fischer cable to the secondary display port ($390)
  • HUD to the secondary display port ($1080)
  • Shearwater NERD ($2,500)
  • Shearwater Petrel ‐ PPO2 mode only ($600) *Note: this is upgradable to a full Petrel
  • Shearwater Petrel dive computer ($1,495)
  • Syntactic foam lining, black coating with insulation ($350)
  • K‐22D oxygen sensors, minimum order is 3 ($109 per sensor) 

Photo by Ben Martinez

" The SIDEWINDER concept was originally developed for a Marine Corps vet with an inspiring personality, Joshua Hotaling, who took up diving as therapy. He got into technical diving and cave diving. He loves side mount diving and wanted a side mount rebreather. I believe this would be a severe balance challenge with the current side mount rebreather's on the market. I promised him I would work on it until I had one for him. This is how the KISS Sidewinder got started. After diving the first prototype I was hooked. Many people have said the same thing. Thank you Josh for the inspiration to get this started!!!"

- Mike Young

Cristina Zenato on her KISS Sidewinder

Edd Sorenson at the entrance of Jackson Blue on the KISS Sidewinder



Depth rating: 300 fsw / 91 msw
Scrubber Type: bi-axial design
Scrubber Capacity: 6.2 lbs. with Molecular 797 Grade (812 Mesh) Sofnolime.
Max Counterlung Capacity: (Singular counterlung)
Weight: Complete with BOV, harness and wing (minus tank and sorb) 21-lbs. / 9.5 kg.

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