KISS Rebreathers & Divesoft Computers

Date: Saturday, April 8, 2017

KISS Rebreathers LLC is proud to announce that all KISS diving systems are now available with the Divesoft􀀂 CCR decompression computer and PPO2 display/bo􀀃ttom ti􀀁mer.   

At KISS Rebeathers, we make a point of listening to our clients and do our best to incorporate the products that they wish to use.

 We’ve been hearing good things about Divesoft􀀂 and decided that it itis 􀀁me for KISS to incorporate these items into our offered display systems.   

The Divesoft􀀂 Freedom Closed Circuit computer, and the Divesfto􀀂 Freedom Closed Circuit Bo􀀃om Timer may be used on any KISS diving system, as either the primary or secondary display.   

Freedom Closed Circuit Computer: $ 869.60 USD
Freedom Closed Circuit PPO2/Bo􀀁om 􀀂mer: $ 761.70 USD
The above retail prices include: cable, protec􀀂ve screen, and connector plug.


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